Milestone in Web development

Dottoro, a web programming start up, takes a brand new approach to language references currently available on the market: their help provides a complete, yet easy to navigate and understand reference to the CSS, HTML and JavaScript languages to developers at all levels. Most user reviews highlight that it also gives an example to every language element, provides browser support information, proposes cross-browser solutions, with the possibility to preview the outcome online, without the need to copy and run it on your local drive.
In most cases there is a kind of disconnection between the developers who make the online web reference and the users who want to use it. The creator of the web site may assume too much knowledge on the part of the users, leading to confusion. The bottom-line differentiator of Dottoro is a broad feature set along with simplicity, usability and a clear interface. Take, for example, the frustration felt by many application-developers as well as web designers to find the proper language elements: with Dottoro this has been resolved with a tree view control where you can browse by categories, and a smart index panel which lists all language elements in alphabetical order where you can search as you type – clear information architecture, improved layout, easy navigation in the application are major strong points.
On top of the detailed code descriptions the biggest help – especially to non-pro web developers to reach the next levels in performance and functionality – is that the most common applications are demonstrated through real-world examples as well as detailed explanations, engaged with interactive interface: it is really impressive how every example is syntax highlighted and can be tried online with a mouse click.
Today, most professionals want the capability to allow their users and customers to access their content and services in the same format and appearance from any work station, through any browser being present in the market. Dottoro not only helps web developers and web designers to build world-class sites, but also enables them to make their applications browser-independent. Every language element description includes browser-support information; furthermore, wherever it is needed and possible, it explains and demonstrates with examples how to handle browser-independence issues.
Dottoro creates next-generation web experience with the way it describes CSS properties. While other web references use often hard to understand regular expressions to describe the possible CSS property values, Dottoro follows a simple, but intuitive visual-demonstrative approach. The simplicity of the CSS module is appealing on first look, and reduces lengthy learning curves, in particular for users who are new to CSS coding. (e.g. background, border or font)
Even though the developers of Dottoro have not yet had the decades of time to mature their product and adjust it according to thousands of customer feedbacks, the level of functionality and capability compared to its peers is amazingly advanced. The methodical approach to aligning usability to non-browser specific capabilities and improved CSS coding helps developers to create a professional website – the most cost effective marketing tool available in the web today.
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